Filament winding process used in different kinds of industries. Mostly used for cylindrical shapes such as pressure tubes, pipes on water applications. We are open to new projects and developments of composite parts using filament winding technology.

Our products are not in standard sizes or dimensions, we are flexible for diameters and lengths. We serve the best quality solution for your project. We are open to new products and projects as a manufacturer or as a consultant. You can take a look at our recent projects:

Composite Robot Arm

Robotic arms are used to carry such products in the automation industry. High-strength carbon fiber offers high load capacity and low deformation at the same time.

Our composite robotic arms can carry much more than payloads compared to conventional composite arms such as aluminium and steel. Carbon fiber provides; Low Deformation, Outstanding Mechanical Properties, High Vibrational Stability, Safety and Fast Production

Composite Roller

Composite rollers provide many advantages over conventional rollers. One of the crucial parameters for the id rollers is inertia. The primary advantage of the composite roller is providing lower inertia than aluminium and steel, thus resulting in a roll that turns at a higher critical speed.

We are able to manufacture the most suitable and durable composite roller depending on your requirements such as max speed and weight.

Composite Rods

Our composite rods and tubes are manufactured through filament winding processes in the most popular composite materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass.

High strength and low weights are achievable with filament wound rods and tubes. They exhibit outstanding rigidity and a high fibre volume ratio.

There are no standardized rods, we can manufacture different diameters and lengths of rods for your project.

Insulation Parts

Based on the conductivity of composite materials, the insulation area opens a door to new materials. Composite materials give an important advantage to the insulation industry.

Composite insulation parts offer an important option to electrical industries. In the wide range of applications, composite parts are used as an insulator for the system. They are mostly used on telescopic booms to insulate electricity between metal parts.

Composite Storage Units

We manufactured a water tank to store the required amount of water. With our feasibility analysis, we accomplished an improvement project of the water tank by using filament winding technology.

Increased mechanical properties are achieved as well as weight and cost reduction.

Comparison between composite water tanks with different manufacturing methods such as hand lay-up; filament winding is a way more efficient and stronger alternative to manufacturing a water tank.