One of our biggest expertise is in filament winding. The technology enables us to wind composite parts with high quality. Our winder machine has been built ground up from smaller machine parts to bigger mechanisms.

The quality of the final part after manufacturing processes depends on both the material quality that you used and the machine that you chose. Depending on the situation, we always choose the best design and optimum parts.

We serving both manufacturing your part with filament winding and designing filament winders. We are able to design and manufacture filament winder for your special requirement.

Capabilities of our filament winder machine are listed below:

  • Capable of winding up to 6 meters in length and 5 meters diameter
  • Carbon fiber is mostly used but other materials can be wound
  • High fiber volume fractions can be achieved
  • Versatile winding geometry, (etc. variable thickness over the part)
  • Propriety winding algorithm
  • Optimized curing techniques
  • We are also capable of using 3D printed mandrels

Note: We can optimize machine capabilities depending on your part to be wound.

You can also send an e-mail to for any questions or details.