As a part of the development project, we developed an industrial robotic end-of-arm-tool made up of carbon fiber. Filament winding offers a strong solution to manufacture composite robotic arm for the industry.

We developed a special filament winding machine for the composite robot arm. Thus, It gives a lot of advantages to using. In-house mechanism and filament winding algorithm allow us to get desired product performance from the composite robotic arm.

Low Deformation

Robotic arms are used to carry such products in the industry. High strength carbon fiber offers high load capacity and low deformation at the same time. Filament wound composite robotic arms can carry much more than payloads compared to conventional composite arms such as aluminum and steel.

The filament winding process offers an innovative robotic arm with low deformation and lightweight option.

Outstanding Mechanical Properties

We use our own filament winding algorithm for the desired orientation. Therefore, we are capable to manufacture our robot arms depending on the operational stress and conditions.

Considering the high quality of carbon fiber, higher stress resistances, fatigue life can be achievable. The industry can get a strong and lightweight composite robot arm advantage with outstanding mechanical properties.

High Vibrational Stability

With the help of analysis and testing of vibrational control, composite robotic arms are more stable than aluminum and steel arms. In the industrial applications of the robots and robot arms, damping of the vibration is crucial because of the process.

With the proper design and special filament winding process, dynamic movement becomes stable and creates less vibration in short seconds of time.

Safety and Production Speed

In case of a crash, the carbon fiber robotic arm prevents damage caused to the press and robot by providing fragile behavior to high press impact.

Production speed is the key parameter for industrial mass productions. Depending on the vibrational stability and lightweight material, production speeds can be reduced. In addition, the energy costs for robots can also be reduced because of the less weight of the carbon fiber. Many production industries can save substantial money by using the composite robotic arm.

We serve different types and shapes of robotic arms depending on your requirements. Cross-sectional dimensions and lengths can be optimized for your application.

You can take a look to our robotic arm flyer or an application video:

Composite Robotic Arm Application Videos